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video Those Who Serve: The Columbia River Bar Pilots
KGW | 11:41 min. (see more videos)
document Bar Pilots Face World's Most Dangerous Crossing
Port of Portland, January 24, 2019
video Columbia River Bar Pilots
Oregon Public Broadcasting | 16:10 min. (see more videos)
document Steering Ships Through a Treacherous Waterway
Smithsonian magazine | Feb. 2009
document Graveyard Guides
Associated Press | May 25, 2003
document Training for the Maelstrom
Daily Astorian | Nov. 15, 2002
document Rescue Team Awarded Medals for Preventing Ship Disaster
Daily Astorian | Apr. 1, 2002
document Elite Pilots Guide Ships Over Perilous Bar
Daily Astorian | Mar. 27, 2002
document Dangerous Mission: Harbor Pilots Brave Some of the Roughest Water in the World
Atmospheres | Jan. 3, 2001
video Bar Pilot Transport
KATU2 | 3:28 min. (see more videos)