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Elite Pilots Guide Ships Over Perilous Bar

March 27, 2002

Daily Astorian Shane Powell A thin rope ladder dangles over the edge of the mighty Hanjin Marseilles. When Robert Johnson grabs on to its lowest rung, he appears poised to scale a giant steel building. But one glance at the frothy swirling water below, and there’s no question where this long-time shipping veteran is headed.…

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Dangerous Mission: Harbor Pilots Brave Some of the Roughest Water in the World

January 3, 2001

Atmospheres January 3, 2001 Julie Galle The point where Oregon’s powerful Columbia River spills into the Pacific Ocean can become a navigational nightmare for ship pilots, as huge ocean swells crash into a sand bar at the entrance of the river. Add heavy rain, high wind or low visibility to those rough conditions, and you…

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