Suspension of Service

The Columbia River Bar is opened and closed to navigation by the United States Coast Guard. The Columbia River Bar Pilots suspends pilotage service on occasion based on existing or anticipated weather conditions. In the event pilotage service is suspended, vessels are advised as follows:

Inbound Traffic:

Masters of vessels arriving at the Columbia River when pilotage is suspended are advised to stand offshore at least 10 miles west of the Columbia River Approach Buoy CR and wait for instructions from the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Anchoring in the open roadstead in the vicinity of the Columbia River is dangerous in any weather, and is not recommended by the Columbia River Bar Pilots.

Outbound Traffic:

Vessels will be advised to remain at their berth. In addition, a fixed amber light is maintained by the Columbia River Bar Pilots atop the pilot office at Astoria. When the light is glowing, it serves to notify outbound vessels that the bar is not passable and the vessel should remain in port.

The Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots promotes safety and urges that any vessel transiting Oregon waters complies with these requirements.